Hagiwara Solutions Co. Will Be Exhibiting Its New and Innovative Products at Embedded World 2020

February 19, 2020

Press Release

Hagiwara Solutions Co., Ltd. at Embedded World 2020.

NAGOYA, Japan--Hagiwara Solutions Co., Ltd.:  Featured solutions at EW2020:

1 Stable SSDs with Temperature Management:
Our High-speed NVMe series for industrial grade SSDs can enhance performance and reliability by power loss protection, temperature monitoring. It can be mounted in very small or tight spaces.

2 IPCs with Security Certificates Stored:
Our embedded PCs have exclusive, tamper resistant elements resistance to store digital certificates and confidential data.

3 The Robustness of SSDs Under Power Fault:
Our SSDs can protect your data and system with VWF (Virtual Write Filter) for Windows10 together with UWF (Unified Write Filter) when power fails unexpectedly.

4 Maintenance Free PC Which Diagnoses Itself:
Maintenance Free PC control allows you to see computer problems before something happens. There are two types: box and touch panel.

5 PC for tough environment!:
Our toughest PC; ZEROSHOCK TABLET is strong and reliable for any rough environment yet very slim and light.
It is strong against shocks, and resistant to water and dust. The touch panel can be operated with gloves on.

6 OPC UA Server Appliance:
Communication between the machines in different platforms became possible by using our gateway certified with umati OPC UA, the world industrial standard today. We provide "OPC UA Server Appliance" for specified information model in "Robotics," "umati," "EUROMAP," and "Vision."

7 Hands Free Browsing with AR Goggles:
Workers with our AR goggles can check the documents displayed within while performing the task. It provides documents without any space and creates safer environment and increases the productivity.

8 Connector Sound Recognition System:
Incorrect connector mating in assembly causes negative impact on post-operation, but difficult to detect. Our wearable sensing device picks up the sound and transmits to workers accurately.

For more information, visit: https://www.hagisol.co.jp/