Socionext to present its Automotive Expertise at Electronica 2022

October 25, 2022


Socionext to present its Automotive Expertise at Electronica 2022

Live Demonstrations can be seen in Hall B5, Booth 400.

[Langen/Germany and Yokohama/Japan. October 24, 2022] --- Socionext, a global leader in the design and development of innovative System-on-Chip designs, will showcase new features of its latest Smart Display Controller series as well discussing face-to-face how the company’s “Solution SoC” approach can help in the Automotive world at Electronica, Munich 15 – 18 November.

Socionext’s ASIC and customized SoC expertise within the Automotive sector is well-known. The company develops and provides customized solutions for a range of applications such as ADAS, Central Computing, Sensors and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI). By investing in leading-edge technologies, IP and software Socionext enables customers to build state-of-the-art integrated circuits. Understanding customers’ applications and the special requirements of the Automotive market is key to the company’s success.

In general, the system structure of automobiles is changing dramatically from a distributed architecture to a domain/zone architecture with integrated cockpit systems being adopted linking multiple displays such as meters, IVI and head-up displays. It is not just the number of displays that is increasing but also the size and resolution of the panels. Plus, the various applications in the cockpit have different requirements.

There will be Live Demonstrations on the Booth showing how Socionext’s Smart Display Controllers can help fulfill all these requirements with their many innovative features. For example, a Remote Multi Display Concept based on the display controller series includes safety features together with an APIX®3 SerDes Solution. Another Demonstration will show the real-time VESA DSC compression capabilities of their chips. The highlight of the event will be a presentation of the latest 4th generation Smart Display Controller (SC1721x), developed as a safety element for compliance with ISO26262. The new warping-on-the-fly and local dimming capabilities can also be viewed in a live presentation at the booth.

Socionext’s team of experts will be available for in-depth personal discussions to give more information on the company’s range of innovative solutions and how they can help with the special requirements of the Automotive market.

About Socionext Inc.

Socionext Inc. is a global SoC (System-on-Chip) supplier and a pioneer of a unique “Solution SoC” business model through decades of industry experience and expertise. Socionext contributes to global innovation in advanced technologies including automotive, data center, networking, and smart devices. As a trusted silicon partner, Socionext delivers superior features, performance, and quality that differentiate its customers’ products and services from their competition.

Socionext Inc. is headquartered in Yokohama, and has offices in Japan, Asia, United States and Europe to lead its development and sales activities. For more information, visit

About Socionext Europe GmbH

Socionext Europe (SNEU) plays a major role in the worldwide activities of Socionext Inc., one of the world’s leading fabless SoC suppliers. Its Headquarters is in Frankfurt, Germany with offices in Munich, Germany and Maidenhead, UK. The Munich Design and Support Center, a leader in embedded graphic solutions, specializes in hardware and software product development for the automotive sector. Maidenhead supports Socionext’s IP Development & Engineering Center with a focus on ultra-high speed data conversion IP. Socionext Europe offers customers a range of innovative Custom SoC solutions for today’s state-of-the-art applications with total support from start to finish. 

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