BlackBerry's Ivy Expected to Grow at CES 2024

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

December 28, 2023


BlackBerry Limited is attending CES 2024 with its automotive solutions powered by its IVY vehicle data platform through on-site demonstrations highlighting industry partners. IVY was developed to be an in-vehicle AI capable design friendly platform.

"The IVY Ecosystem has grown rapidly, and now embraces an impressive range of applications that are set to change the mobility business and the in-car experience by harnessing the power of connected vehicle data," said Vito Giallorenzo, Senior Vice President & General Manager, BlackBerry IVY.

IVY Showcase CES 2024

  • Michelin's tire wear monitoring solution with real-time integration to its consumer retail network
  • COMPREDICT hardware sensor replacement solutions, utilizing virtual sensors to create cost savings and monetize vehicle health insights.
  • Intelligent in-cabin experiences powered by Cinemo, CorrActions, CarIQ, idrive, and emotion3D.
  • Next generation insurance solutions, such as First Notification of Loss and Collision Reconstruction featured by Nexar, and crash analytics and driver scoring by CerebrumX.
  • Intelligent vehicle cybersecurity & quality insights powered by Upstream Security.
  • Additional partners will be showcasing how BlackBerry IVY powers next generation digital cockpits and intelligent fleet management services. Demonstrations include:
  • MIH Consortium will feature its intelligent fleet capabilities, with IVY insights, from Electra Vehicles, COMPREDICT, and CerebrumX
  • Mitsubishi Electric will showcase its FLEXConnect™ advanced vehicle cockpit system in a Cadillac Escalade
  • Intellias will showcase its IntelliKit 2.0 solution which is centered around the Qualcomm SA8295 with QNX Real Time Operating System (RTOS), QNX Hypervisor, and pre-processing connected vehicle insights with BlackBerry IVY.

Giallorenzo ends, "We're looking forward to demonstrating the many and varied ways that our ecosystem members are innovating on the IVY platform and how it has enabled them to easily develop and scale their solutions."

Visit BlackBerry in the West Hall at CES with Mitsubishi Electric (#3151), MIH (#7216), and Intellias (#7075).

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