As Engineers, We Have the Power to Change the World

July 18, 2018


As Engineers, We Have the Power to Change the World

Win $6000 while making the world a better place. Let's all do our parts.

You may not be aware of the power that you wield as a designer/engineer/developer. It’s the people in our community that have the ability to change the world through our ideas and the projects that we work on. Without our design community, none of the innovative products that we use every day, most of which we take for granted, have come to exist.

I can go through the list of amazing achievements, from biomedicine and healthcare to transportation and even consumer goods. But there’s no need. You’re as aware as I am about the achievements our community makes on a regular basis.

To that end, Embedded Computing Design has teamed with IAR Systems and Renesas Electronics to reward you for coming up with a design that makes the world a better place. In fact, you can win a cool $6000 and have your design put on display the Electronica trade show in Munich this November.

Aptly named the Make the World a Better Place Challenge, the contest asks our design community to develop an electronic system that helps save lives, time, or money; reduces waste, carbon emissions, or energy consumption; or simply eliminates nuisances in people’s daily lives.

The only catch is that you must make use of the RZ/A1LU Development Kit from Renesas Electronics, the RZ/A Software Development Kit (SDK), ‌IAR’s Embedded Workbench for ARM, and the FreeRTOS operating system. They’re all components that you’d likely want to employ anyway.

So put your ideas down on paper. That’s all you need for Phase One. Tell us how your design will make the world a better place, including the marketability of the end product. Then tell us all the hardware and software that would be required, with a detailed bill of materials. If your paper design is selected as one of ten finalists, we’ll send you the hardware and software that’s available from our sponsors so you can actually design your product and continue to Phase Two and a chance at the $6000 top prize.

Don’t wait. The deadline for Phase One is August 1.