Cybersecurity for Medical Devices in a Connected Healthcare System

June 22, 2022


The drive toward digital business transformation that enables a digital healthcare system, with all of the benefits of shared healthcare data, is inevitable. This requires both medical device manufacturers and end users to consider the new concerns of cybersecurity, in order to meet regulatory requirements and mitigate risk for their company brand and reputation.

This is no longer a “nice to have” device feature. Cybersecurity response must be incorporated into the entire device lifecycle — not only in the design but also in development, manufacturing, operational maintenance and decommissioning, and how the device will operate in an IEC 80001 conformant healthcare environment. This becomes a crucial part of device manufacturers’ success in operating against both existing and new competition.

Wind River works with medical device manufacturers to ensure usage of the latest best practices. By properly designing security into medical devices, manufacturers can avoid financial damage, reputational damage, and potential risk to human lives.

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Download Whitepaper