Precise Positioning With the LMSCA

By Taryn Engmark

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 31, 2021


Precise Positioning With the LMSCA

The German manufacturer Wachendorff Automation is expanding its product portfolio of length measuring systems.

The new LMSCA system is compact, at just 120mm long, and robust. It requires little installation space and can be combined with measuring wheels of 200 mm circumference.

WDGP incremental encoders with freely definable pulse number
With the pre-assembled encoders of the WDGP series, resolutions of 80 pulses per millimeter or 0.0125mm per pulse are achievable. The proven Wachendorff magnetic sensor technology is now available with any pulse count from 1 to 16,384 pulses per rotation.

The inverted signals, TTL and HTL output, are also selectable when ordering.

Other important features of the measuring system

  • Adjustable contact pressure from 0 to 20 Newton in 5 Newton increments
  • Loss-proof central screw

For more information, visit Wachendorff.