Product of the Week: APLEX’s ViTAM-9B & ARCHMI-9B for Industrial Computer Products

July 25, 2022

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Product of the Week: APLEX’s ViTAM-9B & ARCHMI-9B for Industrial Computer Products

Human-machine interfaces are integral parts of various embedded industries for the management, control, and visualization of devices. In the industrial sector, HMIs have their work cut out for them, as they’re often deployed in environments that are subject to extreme temperatures and can produce dirt, condensation, and more.

These harsh work conditions make it even more difficult for the operators who submit inputs to control and automate these machines, so it’s no surprise that they need solutions that can handle whatever the environment throws.

The APLEX Technology ViTAM-9B and ARCHMI-9B flat front panel PC/HMI, respectively, are for industrial environments. Both are IP66-rated, the ViTAM-9B is IP69-rated, and both are based on power-efficient 8th generation Intel core i3/i5 processors. APLEX’s ARCHMI-9B is enclosed in die-cast aluminum while the ViTAM-9B is encased in stainless steel and utilizes M12 connectors to further prevent the accumulation of water and dust into industrial computer products. The ARCHMI-9B is available in full-sized 12" to 32" TFT-LCD and the ViTAM-9B includes 6 LCD sizes from 15" to 23.8.

The built-in processors drive the ARCHMI- and ViTAM-9B’s projected capacitive and resistive touch sensing capabilities, run multimedia workloads, and manage I/O.

Each also supports high brightness with an optional 1,000 NITS.

APLEX’s ViTAM-9B & ARCHMI-9B in Action

Both the ViTAM-9B and the ARCHMI-9B provide built-in reliability features that are designed to further support reliable operations in harsh conditions.

The ViTAM-9B includes a true-flat front bezel design and a grade 304 stainless steel enclosure, with a grade 316 option. The design of the panel PC aims to deter dust, debris, and fluids from permeating food and beverage, processing/chemical plants, factory automation, and other high-standard environments. ViTAM-9B has one USB, one COM, one LAN and two optional blank connectors, two USB2.0, one USB 3.2 Gen.1, one LAN, and one CAN. The panel PC also supports a temperature range of 0~50 °C with a -20~60 °C option.

The fanless ARCHMI-9B features a front bezel touch screen design with the IP66 front bezel. The HMI includes GPU support from Intel® UHD Graphics 620, which is backed by a 32 GB, 260-pin DDR4 SO-DIMM that runs at 2400 MHz. On the connectivity side, the ARCHMI-9B equips four USB 3.0 type A, two LAN, one COM, one DisplayPort interface, and a full-size mini PCIe and multiple M.2 slots for expansion. The ARCHMI-9B solution includes a power input range of DC 9 to 36V.

The HMI also supports TPM2.0 hardware for platform security and authentication.

The ViTAM-9B and ARCHMI-9B from APLEX Technology

The ViTAM-9B panel PC includes a touch on/off button on the side for hygienic use while also supporting yoke and VESA mounting.

Getting Started with the APLEX ViTAM-9B and ARCHMI-9B

For the ViTAM series, users can choose specific options like an RFID module with a read-write option to change data over time, a cable-less external design; or a PoE module for network installation and energy management. The ViTAM-9B enables remote control management and includes an internal expansion slot for full-size mSATA/mPCIe. Users can also select a high-brightness option.

On the ARCHMI-9B, users have the option to choose a PoE module for data and power transmission, as well as a backup battery to increase reliability and prevent damages from sudden shutdown and power failure.

For information about APLEX products and purchasing options, you can email the sales division at: [email protected] or [email protected].

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