Dealing with Industrial Applications in Harsh Environments

October 09, 2020


Embedded systems are sometimes asked to operate in harsh environment. Such an environment can differ based on the specific application, but generally it has to do with temperature, shock and vibration, altitude, and ability to withstand moisture. Such a system might be on a factory floor, it might be in the cab of a truck, it might be out in a field somewhere.

At the same time, most of the systems must connect to the Internet or some internal intranet. Hence, they fall into the category of Industrial IoT.

Litemax provides systems that can not only operate under these conditions, but provide superior image quality with IP and NEMA rated systems, particular for outdoor applications, which can be far more difficult to develop the proper user interface. Displays of 65 in. and higher are easily handled. The company has developed a patented approach optical bonding technique for its displays to ensure the best readability in all types of light.

To hear it directly from the expert, check out the video, which features Litemax’s Director of Sales, Rick Craig. Rick runs through each of the key features that are needed for various applications, all in harsh environments. Rock even walks through a real-world example of how the technology is adopting to fit a transportation application.