RTI and ITTIA partner to integrate data in motion and data at rest in Industrial IoT systems

February 14, 2018


RTI and ITTIA partner to integrate data in motion and data at rest in Industrial IoT systems

ITTIA's embedded database persists real-time data distributed by RTI's connectivity software.

ITTIA and Real-Time Innovations (RTI) have announced a partnership to offer a complete software solution for real-time data distribution, long-term data storage, and on-demand queries. As a leading provider of high performance database software for embedded systems and devices, ITTIA enables developers to build intelligent devices with built-in data analysis capability. Through this partnership with RTI, the principle provider of connectivity software for industrial Internet of Things (IoT) systems, device developers benefit from an innovative solution for data connectivity and management.

ITTIA DB SQL empowers devices to store, manage and analyze data using a powerful relational data management engine that follows industry guidelines and standards. With the Structured Query Language, SQL, manufacturers of embedded systems and devices have access to a data management platform that is both familiar and offers great performance, efficient concurrency, and robust data types.

RTI Connext DDS software reliably distributes real-time data through simple high-level APIs that comply with the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard. Like ITTIA DB SQL, Connext DDS is cross-platform with support for all major programming languages and operating systems. Automatic discovery connects devices over a reliable peer-to-peer protocol for which no message broker or server is required.

With this integration, RTI Connext DDS record data streams into a local ITTIA DB SQL database. This allows devices to analyze historical information while new data is continuously added in the background. Database tables are automatically created for each topic of data being sent with RTI Connext DDS, enabling SQL queries to be designed and tested without developing any new source code. Software developers then use a variety of Graphical User Interface (GUI) frameworks, SQL tools, C/C++ interfaces, and scripting languages to access data stored on the device.

IoT devices often manage sensitive information that must be protected from unauthorized access and modification. RTI Connext DDS protects data in motion with robust quality of service (QoS) settings and secure communication protocols. Records stored in an ITTIA DB SQL database file are similarly protected with built-in storage-level encryption that restricts access to data at rest. This total solution provides edge network communication devices the secure storage and connectivity capability necessary to act intelligently without relying on a constant cloud connection.

"We are committed and excited with our partnership with RTI, the number one leader in DDS software and solutions. The combination of software and expertise at both companies offers manufactures a reliable platform to collect, store, manage, analyze and distribute data to other devices and the cloud," said Sasan Montaseri, President and Founder of ITTIA. "Our total solution is cross-platform, available on Linux, Windows, QNX, VxWorks, INTEGRITY or any other desired operating system. We are even able to support bare bones hardware without an operating system."

"The integration of RTI Connext DDS and ITTIA DB SQL gives device developers a turnkey solution for distributing and managing real-time data, including raw sensor and fused data," said David Barnett, vice president, products and markets at RTI. "Connext DDS and ITTIA DB SQL are very complementary. Both solutions are optimized for high-performance, well-suited to resource-constrained embedded systems and standards compliant."

Demonstrations of the integration are available today. The software will be available for evaluation in April 2018. Request to see the demonstration live at www.ittia.com/platforms/rti.