Embedded World Product Showcase: Infineon AIROC™ Cloud Connectivity Manager Module

June 20, 2022

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Image Provided by Infineon.

IoT devices are becoming part of our daily lives, which, if you think about it, makes their ability to easily and securely connect to the cloud critical future economies. We’d better put something in place to manage those cloud connections then, shouldn’t we?

The AIROC™ Cloud Connectivity Manager module (also known as CCM and AIROC™ IFW56810) from Infineon that provides a simple, secure Wi-Fi networking subsystem for connecting IoT products to AWS IoT ExpressLink without the need for extensive firmware development, testing, or maintenance. It manages connectivity, security, and helps developers get to market faster using Infineon’s single-band, 96 Mbps PHY data rate Wi-Fi 4 connectivity technology.

Delivered with an integrated PCB antenna, the 36 mm x 18 mm x 12.8 mm LGA module can be onboarded seamlessly via Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) or as a soft access point (SoftAP). But, one of the primary advantages of the AIROC™ CCM comes via pre-programmed Infineon firmware and native security features that allow the modules to be deployed worry-free out-of-the-box.

Built-in security mechanisms include:

  • WPA3, WPA/WPA2 (personal)
  • TLS 1.3
  • Arm® Platform Security Architecture (PSA) level 2 certified (featuring a secure enclave and secure boot)
  • Only operates with Infineon® signed firmware
  • Current Cloud ID, a unique device-to-cloud authentication service for safe, convenient provisioning and ongoing updates

The integrated Wi-Fi solution allows the entire network stack, be it the native TLS 1.3 stack or TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP, or MQTT, to be offloaded from the host, freeing it for other tasks. However, the host is where you can use a simple command set to configure the module with ease. It’s also home to the aforementioned secure enclave where sensitive keys and data are stored.

Separately, the large on-module flash memory is used to store second firmware images applicable to both the device and for the attached hosts for safe over-the-air updates. That, and its connection with a secure cloud infrastructure, are what make the AIROC™ IFW56810 stand out in a field of sub-par connected security.

(Image Credit: Infineon)

Infineon’s AIROC™ IFW56810 Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Manager Module in Action

A key element of the AIROC™ Cloud Connectivity Manager (CCM) is a bundle of networking, cloud, and security resources that makes developing and deploying robust IoT devices a breeze – even for first timers.

The AIROC™ CCM allows developers to use simple configuration commands such as “connect” and “send” to establish a connection and start streaming data to an AWS cloud instance within hours, not weeks, thanks to integrated support for AWS IoT ExpressLink. And by slapping an AIROC™ CCM onto a connected device, developers can gain instant cloud-enablement for a variety of devices without having to update application code or embark on costly redesigns.

At the same time, the AIROC™ CCM supports CIRRENT™ Cloud ID, to ensures each device has a unique identity stored in a secure hardware element and assigned to an owner/company. This enables out-of-the-box provisioning at scale so engineers can quickly move from prototype to full-blow, fleet-scale deployment, management, and OTA updates over secure Wi-Fi.

These benefits even apply to OEMs, who can now easily transform existing products into IoT products without merging large codebases or needing deep implementation understanding in house.

Available in an evaluation kit that includes the CCM module with an integrated PCB antenna, FTDI USB-to-serial bridge, and 16-pin header, developers can leverage the pre-integrated Infineon ModusToolbox to start creating Android-, Linux-, and RTOS-based applications in no time.

The kit even includes a USB Type-A to Type-C cable for connecting to your development PC.

Getting Started with Infineon’s AIROC™ CCM Module

The Infineon AIROC™ CCM bundle makes connecting secure products to the IoT simpler while also shortening time-to-market.

Click here for further instructions on getting started with the AIROC™ Wi-Fi CCM, which includes instructions on how to setup your host machine’s COM ports and serial terminal for development over USB. As the CCM is designed to connect to AWS servers, you may also want to head over to the Set up your AWS Account page on AWS.

You can also visit https://infineoncommunity.com/AIROC_ccm_pre-order to find out more and order one for yourself. Or, check out the resources below.


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