ABI Research Looks into the Differentiation in 5G Handsets

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 03, 2021


ABI Research Looks into the Differentiation in 5G Handsets

ABI Research sees the future of 5G, and it is coming.

Fueled by the lockdown that was brought on by the pandemic, and the need for more at-home experiences, there is a mass transition to 5G and it is growing rapidly. Many leading OEMs are vying for the top position into the lower-priced 5G smartphone segment.

According to a report from ABI Research, 681 million 5G handsets will be shipped in 2022. The race is on for OEMs to find that all-important level of differentiation in their portfolios to help boost margins and improve market share, while bringing innovations and enhancements to the consumer experience.

The notable improvements being made within the productivity features help aid users while working from home, learning remotely, or enjoying online gaming.

With a slew of new models due out in the next year, 5G is set to become a more prominent feature of many differing devices. The smartphone industry’s big names are all lined up to create more 5G connected compute devices, benefitting from their vertical integration approach.

The research conducted by ABI Research in their Future 5G Mobile Devices: Reported Features and Functionality shows that sales of 5G devices will exceed 10 million by 2022

For more information on ABI Research’s offerings, visit abiresearch.com.

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