VIAVI Releases First RedCap Device Emulation

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 03, 2023


Chandler, Arizona. Viavi Solutions Inc. now has the first Reduced Capability (RedCap) device emulation for 5G network testing centered on the TM500 network test platform. Leveraging the TM500 mixed with fading channel models enables accurate simulation of differing circumstances and then aids in testing the performance of the RedCap devices.

"RedCap specifications provide the missing link for the class of devices used in such applications, so equipment manufacturers and operators can pursue development and deployment with confidence. The TM500 adds essential validation capabilities with device emulation, further accelerating RedCap adoption," said Ian Langley, Senior Vice President, Wireless Business Unit, VIAVI.

With this solution, designers can easily add RedCap devices into active testing systems. The real advantage is that while operating with a TM500, RedCap testing can recycle the initial per-device fading channel models. Its channels emulate real-world broadcast environments such as multipath propagation and signal fading.

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