Inforce accessory card integrates UltraHD 4K HDMI input into Snapdragon solutions

January 31, 2018


Inforce accessory card integrates UltraHD 4K HDMI input into Snapdragon solutions

Inforce Computing introduces an accessory card for its Snapdragon 820 based products, ACC-1S80.


Inforce Computing, a provider of modular embedded computing platforms and solutions, has introduced a new accessory card for their Snapdragon 820 based products, ACC-1S80. This accessory card enables developers to bring in UHD 4K video input into Inforce 66XX based products through HDMI to CSI.

Developers working on IoT devices can use the ACC-1S80 accessory as a way to integrate UltraHD video input into their product. This accessory is suitable for applications working on HDMI sink based applications that require 4K video processing as seen in video conferencing, large display walls, security solutions, and use-cases that necessitate high resolution video encoding.

ACC-1S80 supports up to UltraHD 4K@30 resolution input on HDMI and includes support for other lower resolutions including FullHD 1080P@60. High resolution 4K video streams are received from a HDMI source into the adapter card which then feeds CSI-2 Tx data to the Snapdragon 820 platform through two 41-pin MIPI-CSI connectors. 1080p or a lower resolution is achieved through a single CSI-2 interface that uses 4-lanes while 4K uses both CSI-2 interfaces through 8-lanes. Audio is available through I2C and the recorded stream will include HDMI audio.

Using the Toshiba UltraHDMI to CSI conversion chip, ACC-1S80 brings MIPI-CSI streams into the Inforce platform where Snapdragon 820’s advanced ISP provides preview and hardware accelerated encode and capture capabilities. The SBC or Micro SOM based development kit easily connects to the accessory through the two MIPI-CSI connectors. The necessary cables are included with the purchase of ACC-1S80. There is no additional power supply needed for this accessory to work and it is fully plug-n-play.

Inforce customers developing with Inforce 6640 SBC and Inforce 6601 Micro SOM dev kit, based on Snapdragon 820, can visit Inforce’s website to preorder ACC-1S80 for $250. This technology can be integrated into a custom solution.