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A plethora of security technologies has emerged to serve the Internet of Things (IoT) and other embedded system designs over the years. Trusted platform module (TPM) is one of the most prominent security platforms that is based on the IEEE 802.1x authentication framework and can be easily integrated into low-power edge computing designs.

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Diodes Incorporated announced the release of the industry's first DisplayPort 2.0 (UHBR10) compliant 4-lane, 2:1 active switch with multiplexer and ReDriver, the PI3DPX8121.
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Uhnder and dSPACE have agreed to cooperate to ensure that the developments in radar sensor technology can keep pace with the safety requirements in traffic. Both companies will support each other in the continuous development of sensors and validation solutions.
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The ARCX1100 is supported by an Intel Atom E3950 (Apollo Lake) processor. The PC is optimized for size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) with a COM Express Type 10 CPU and four slots for Acromag's plug-in AcroPack I/O modules.
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NXP is excited to bring you the NXP eXperience ? an online and interactive destination for all our news, content and training as it was originally planned Embedded World 2020.
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Open source is pretty close to ?the norm? today. Aside from the military and a few other applications, developers don?t think twice about pulling down some open-source code and inserting it into their design. Is that a good thing? That?s the question I asked of Gurjot Singh, CEO of Lynx Software in this week?s Embedded Executive podcast.

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