Product of the Week: Virtium’s StorFly E1.S SSD Platform

April 29, 2024

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Product of the Week: Virtium’s StorFly E1.S SSD Platform

Industrial enterprise, edge, and data center environments require the reliable and consistent performance of the devices that operate within them. With many of these devices being safety-critical, they must support ruggedization, high-performance capacities, and power and thermal efficiency.

The StorFly® E1.S NVMe solid-state drive platform from Virtium is an industrial-grade NAND flash solution highlighted for its ability to operate in wide temperature ranges, from -40°C to +85°C, and for its ability to support high storage capacity options of up to up to 16TB. Currently, the form factor specifications of the solution support E1.S for standard servers and enclosures, as well as heat mitigation, casing, and no casing.

The StorFly E1.S SSD Platform in Action

The StorFly® E1.S NVMe solution is compatible with PCIe Gen4 and PCIe Gen3 interfaces, depending on application needs. The Gen 4x4 interface supports 160GB to 3840GB of 3D TLC and pSLC, while the Gen 3x4 supports 1920 GB of 3D TLC.

The platform supports Sequential Read/Write Speeds (MB/s) of 5000/4500 with the Gen4x4 and 3330/2850 with Gen 3x4. For Random Read/Write Speeds (IOPS) the Gen 4x4 supports 300,000/375,000, while Gen 3x4 supports 316,600/361,700.

Additionally, the E1.S NVMe solid-state drives support optional BGA underfill, conformal coating, and thick gold on connector area for extra protection against outside environmental conditions. The solution’s hot-pluggability, power management, 12V power supply, versatile mounting options, and indicator LEDs further support its ability to operate in enterprise environments.

Getting Started with the StorFly E1.S SSD Platform

Virtium’s StorFly E1.S SSD platform offers additional features for advanced solutions like telecom and networking, high-capacity data recorders, AI and media servers, in-flight servers, and avionics equipment.

  • Integrated vtGuard™ power-loss protection for in-flight data and data-at-rest during an unexpected power loss.
  • Integrated vtSecure® data security supporting AES encryption and TCG Opal features with pre-boot authentication.
  • Security: TCG Opal Option

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