Advanced Cybersecurity Platform Now Integrates Six Vulnerability Management Tools Into One Interactive Dashboard

April 04, 2024


Image Credit: OP[4]

OP[4]’s flagship product will be free for a limited time during the private beta program

CHANTILLY, Va., April 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OP[4], a pioneer in automated firmware security, announced today that it has expanded its product security platform to include six fundamental cybersecurity tools into one, unified platform. These new capabilities are now available through a private beta program that allows users to test the flagship vulnerability management tool for free using their own device firmware.

“Our primary aim with this release is to simplify cybersecurity risk management for OEMs across the embedded systems and smart device landscape,” said Irby Thompson, CEO and co-founder, OP[4]. “OP[4]’s consolidated integration of nearly a dozen product security capabilities into a single seamless platform is an industry-leading approach to uplift and fortify the security of modern digital infrastructure.”

The OP[4] Product Security Platform’s expanded capabilities provide device manufacturers and system integrators with intelligent workflow consolidation and automation that includes:

  • Software Inventory
    Visualize the breadth of software components used across product families, while simultaneously assessing the exposure and impact of novel vulnerabilities.
  • Supply Chain Risk
    Evaluate inherited cybersecurity risk from third-party suppliers, including software embedded within hardware subsystems and components.
  • Incidence Response
    Rapidly respond to threats with a streamlined workflow that flags critical issues.
  • Red-Team Assessments
    Manage independent security testing activities and measure product security progress through a visual dashboard of threat remediation actions.
  • Security Compliance & Validation Reports
    Simplify conformance with the ever-changing regulatory landscape with clear technical implementation guidance and compliance validation reports.

“We’ve seen that threat actors like Volt Typhoon are actively exploiting IoT devices and other embedded systems in an effort to covertly disrupt critical systems at their will,” said Scott Lee, CTO and co-founder of OP[4]. “Removing the burden and cost of managing multiple tools means companies can now look to one platform to ensure cyber protection across the full lifecycle of a device.”

OP[4]'s platform is unique to the industry in that it identifies critical 0-day vulnerabilities automatically – detecting, validating, triaging and remediating software vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an attacker. The platform distinguishes between exploitable and benign threats at the binary code level and provides detailed insights and informed risk scoring through an interactive security dashboard.

Executives from OP[4] will be at Embedded World April 9-11, 2024 to showcase the expanded product security platform. Attendees interested in a demo can stop by booth 1-500 during the event.

About OP[4]
Founded in 2022 and headquartered in Chantilly, VA, OP[4] is a trailblazer in automated firmware security. Utilizing technology created through DARPA and productized under AFWERX for U.S. national defense, OP[4]‘s product security platform simulates a running device to distinguish between active and inactive code, analyzing risk at the binary code level, and filtering out noise to detect, validate, prioritize, and remediate exploitable N-Day and 0-Day vulnerabilities. Join the firmware security revolution at