Is Talk of Industry 5.0 Premature?

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 24, 2024


Image Credit: Newark

Chicago, Illinois -- Newark recently conducted an element14 Community poll to measure the current opinion on Industry 5.0 that states that robots and other machines will begin to work alongside humans by utilizing IoT and big data. Results showed various insights on industry experts believing Industry 5.0, while a valid thought, is just premature talk.

According to poll data, a modest percentage of answers show some are already involved in Industry 5.0 ideas, while a quarter of volunteers do not see a transition occurring for another three to five years.

Half of the poll respondents believe that Industry 5.0 is a thought that may never come into fruition as currently predicted. Some believe Industry 4.0 is in its infancy stage due to manufacturers still learning how to scale up and take advantage of all benefits of data analytics, AI, and machine learning.

“We are excited to unveil the findings from our recent element14 Community poll, shedding light on the industry’s perspectives regarding Industry 5.0. While the concept shows promise, our poll reveals a diverse range of opinions, suggesting that its widespread adoption might be premature for some,” said Andreea Teodorescu, Global Director of Product Marketing & element14 Community. “With a quarter of respondents projecting a transition timeline of three to five years and others express skepticism about its feasibility, it’s evident that Industry 4.0 remains a pivotal focus for many.”

Editor’s Note: Newark is proud of its support for Industry 4.0 as the relentless march to digitalization continues to revolutionize modern industry, and the not-yet so clearly defined industry of the future. Development engineers who are leading the way in both of these new industrial eras can find everything they need – and more – for their solutions from Newark’s vast range of Industrial Automation and Control products from the world’s leading manufacturers, in stock and ready to ship.

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