Tuesday 6/16


AI technologies, which were called ?futuristic? not so long ago, are proving to be an effective tool contributing to fight the coronavirus pandemic in public health applications. AI technologies are being used to predict, explain, and manage different scenarios, and are now delivering results.

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AI Technologies

NI announced its ECU Test System, which assists Tier 1 suppliers in end-of-line testing. NI?s first-ever, purpose-built system for testing automotive ECUs is already helping pilot customer deliver functional testers on time and within budget.
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Audio Precision has released version 6.0 of its APx500 audio measurement software, which supports multiple simultaneous input types so that up to 16 digital and eight analog audio channels can be measured concurrently.
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Murata Manufacturing has introduced the BLM18SP_SH1 series. According to the company, the series features the world's smallest single-chip ferrite beads for noise suppression in automotive power supply applications.
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There are, broadly speaking, two distinct approaches to the design of software: bottom-up or top-down. It is most common to approach it top-down. Design, say, the user interface first and the underlying functionality afterwards. The implementation of the design ? the actual coding of the software ? is another matter.

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