NXP Releases its Open S32 CoreRide Platform Simplifying SDV Development

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 28, 2024


Image Credit: NXP

Eindhoven, The Netherlands. NXP Semiconductors is introducing its S32 CoreRide platform with NXP saying it breaks through the integration barriers for next-generation software-defined vehicle (SDV) development. The industry-first vehicle software platform simplifies intricate vehicle architecture design and reduces costs for automakers and tier-1 suppliers.

NXP’s S32 CoreRide platform overcomes the software and hardware integration challenges hindering quick adoption of SDVs. The new platform integrates NXP’s broad hardware portfolio with software from the world’s leading automotive experts across a comprehensive ecosystem, including Accenture ESR Labs, ArcherMind, Blackberry QNX, Elektrobit, ETAS, Green Hills Software, Sonatus, Synopsys, TTTech Auto, Vector Informatik GmbH, and Wind River as well as tier-1 suppliers like Valeo.

The S32 CoreRide platform enables OEMs to combine ECUs and design flexible architectures that support separate vehicle functions. Utilizing the platform puts emphasis on differentiating and creating application software for new business models.

“The automotive industry’s shift to software-defined vehicles presents unprecedented levels of disruption,” said Henri Ardevol, executive vice president and general manager, automotive embedded systems at NXP. “In the last decade, many industries have successfully adopted faster innovation cycles and effectively achieved higher performance at lower cost through tight integration of silicon and software. With NXP’s S32 CoreRide platform, automakers can now radically transform their approach to SDV development by adopting a much faster, open development path.”

The scalable S32N family was designed for the highest level of automotive functional safety. S32N components are embedded with an innovative hardware security engine, multi-port TSN Ethernet switch, and CAN hub. Some S32N devices support Ethernet packet acceleration, AI/ML acceleration, and inter-compute PCI Express services.

The solution meets ISO 26262 ASIL D functional safety requirements. According to NXP, It can unlock the benefits of SDVs by providing vehicle data intelligence for streamlining deployment and monetization of enhanced capabilities and new services over a vehicle’s lifetime.

For more information, visit www.nxp.com.

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