COMPUTEX 2024: Unlocking Innovative AI

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 18, 2024


COMPUTEX 2024: Unlocking Innovative AI
Image Credit: TAITRA

COMPUTEX, a global AIoT & startup show, will be held this year from June 4 to 7 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Halls 1 and 2. Computex will host an impressive list of keynote speakers, including experts from AMD, Qualcomm Incorporated, Intel, MediaTek, Supermicro, NXP Semiconductors, and Delta. Industry professionals are encouraged to register online to view what innovations are being designed within AIoT.

COMPUTEX 2024 has the motto, "Connecting AI", with six additional major themes including AI Computing, Advanced Connectivity, Future Mobility, Immersive Reality, Sustainability, and Innovations

COMPUTEX 2024 Keynote Experts:

Dr. Lisa Su (Chair and CEO of AMD): 

  • AI is driving a revolution that is rapidly reshaping every aspect of computing and the technology industry. Dr. Lisa Su will explore how AMD, together with its partners, is pushing the limits in AI and high-performance computing from the data center, to the edge and end user devices.

Cristiano Amon (President and CEO of Qualcomm): 

  • Highlighting how the PC industry is on the cusp of an AI revolution. As on-device generative AI and next-generation computing are poised to transform the future of productivity and creativity, advanced AI PCs powered by the Snapdragon® X Elite platform will set the bar for the PC and accelerate the arrival of new intelligent experiences.

Pat Gelsinger (CEO of Intel): 

  • Detailing how Intel's AI portfolio unlocks new possibilities in the data center and cloud, PC, and across the world's network and edge applications. Gelsinger will also showcase Intel's next-generation data center and client computing products bringing AI Everywhere by making the technology accessible through open ecosystems support.

Dr. Rick Tsai (Vice Chairman and CEO of MediaTek): 

  • Dr. Tsai will explore how the latest silicon advancements and connectivity standards are making AI ubiquitous. Today AI is already delivering more personalized and intuitive computing experiences, and generative AI will continue to transform mobility, transportation, the smart home, enterprises, and industrial environments in the future.

Charles Liang (President and CEO of Supermicro): 

  • Highlighting Supermicro's latest systems alongside cutting-edge AI and green computing technologies, enabling customers to build application-optimized IT solutions at any scale.

Lars Reger (Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of NXP Semiconductors):

  • Explores the challenges of the world ahead and how a solid technology framework, further accelerated by the advancements in AI and ML, shapes a World that Anticipates and Automates.

Tzi-cker Chiueh (General Director of Delta Research Center): 

  • Delta will share how we apply AI technology to develop innovative industry applications, especially in the areas of industrial and building automation, all featuring advanced analytics capabilities to enhance productivity and efficiency while fulfilling the increasingly sophisticated needs of the marketplace.

On June 5,  the COMPUTEX Forum will take place, centering around the theme of Generative AI, and will feature international experts explaining hardware technology and software applications in Generative AI.

Registration for COMPUTEX Keynote is now open. For up to date information,  visit the official website of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) at

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