Monday 7/6


Lattice Semiconductor released the Lattice Certus?-NX family of FPGAs. The new family targets a broad range of application from automated industrial equipment to system management in communications infrastructures.
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On Semiconductor released a Bluetooth Low Energy mesh networking solution based on the company?s ultra-low-power RSL10 System-in-Package (RSL10 SIP).
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Olea Edge Analytics released its EdgeWorks Platform 2.0, which combines blockchain, AI, and machine learning technologies to provide advanced solutions for water billing, delivery, and conservation.
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Applitools announced its Visual AI technology has surpassed one billion images analyzed since launching commercially and is projected to double year over year.
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Despite all the advantages, new technologies do not always succeed in quickly displacing old ones. This is especially true for SIM cards that have not changed for years despite the advent of new, more compact formats. Now, the new eSIM standard allows you to completely abandon the physical card, replacing it with a virtual one.

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