A.I. Day - Call for Abstracts

July 13, 2022

Press Release

A.I. Day - Call for Abstracts

A.I. Day September 20th, 2022

AI takes on many meanings in the embedded space, from simple machine-learning algorithms at the Edge to full-blown deep learning, neural nets, analytics, predictive maintenance, data storage, and decision making in the Cloud. When combined with the IoT, AI can be a powerful tool for a designer.

Powered by Embedded Computing Design, AI Day is designed to drive awareness and thought leadership around the most compelling AI-related products and technologies that are currently of deep concern to the design community.

Submit your abstract now to [email protected].

The topics that will be covered this year include, but are not limited to:

  • AI at the Edge
  • Getting the Right Mix of CPU and GPU
  • AI and Vision: A Happy but Complex Marriage
  • Designing for AI at the Board/System Level
  • Know How and When to Use the Cloud
  • Intelligence Moves Out to the Endpoint


All session proposals must be educational and non-commercial in nature. Do not submit a proposal that promotes your company or its products. Sales pitches and/or product-centric presentations will not be considered for inclusion in the conference program. Most talks will have a duration of 30 minutes, which includes short intro and short Q&A with moderator.


Speakers will not be compensated for presenting. Accepted speakers will be required to sign and submit a speaker agreement and provide an electronic copy of their presentation by a specific date prior to the conference.


  • Importance of topic to conference attendees

  • Inclusion of a real-world example

  • Objective, educational, non-commercial content

  • Knowledge, experience, and presentation skills of the speaker

Submit your abstract (100 words or less) to Rich Nass at [email protected]. Include the title of talk, the abstract, and the suggested topic area. Submission deadline is August 23.


If you are interested in sponsoring A.I. Day, please contact Patrick Hopper at [email protected]