Applitools Adds AI Auto-Maintenance and Smart Assist to End-to-End Testing Platform

July 21, 2020

Press Release

Dev teams running automated functional, cross-browser, and cross-device tests reduce maintenance time and improve test efficiency yielding quality releases.

Applitools announced new AI capabilities for its end-to-end automated testing platform. Auto-maintenance AI leverages the power of Applitools' Visual AI technology for ideal test maintenance efficiency through virtual assistant recommendations.

AI powered smart assist analyzes large batches of test results, often numbering in the hundreds or even thousands of tests. It then removes redundancies by grouping similar visual and functional regressions together. According to the company, Applitools auto-maintenance AI performs the mundane and redundant tasks often associated with manual testing without fatigue or errors, while reducing maintenance time by up to 90 percent.

Applitools AI auto-maintenance and smart assist is designed to help customers reduce maintenance costs and improve efficiency.

Developers and Test Engineers can start using AI auto-maintenance and AI virtual assist today.

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