DSP Concepts Announces Early Access Availability of AI-Optimized Audio Framework for Cadence Tensilica HiFi 5 DSP

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 19, 2021


DSP Concepts Announces Early Access Availability of AI-Optimized Audio Framework for Cadence Tensilica HiFi 5 DSP

DSP Concepts announced the fully optimized Audio Weaver library available for the Cadence Tensilica HiFi 5 DSP with general release by the end of Q2 2021.

Built for high-performance audio and voice, the Tensilica HiFi 5 DSP includes special design elements for enabling voice-control user interfaces and artificial intelligence (AI)-based speech recognition.

Combined with Audio Weaver libraries, Cadence’s Tensilica HiFi 5 DSP will have access to the full suite of DSP Concepts’ proprietary and third-party IP. This includes DSP Concepts’ audio front-end (AFE) TalkTo which provides developers with an Adaptive Interference Canceller, and multi-channel echo cancellation solutions with advanced beamforming using 8 or more microphones. Additionally, the new machine learning (ML) instruction is designed to enhance the Tensilica HiFi 5 DSP's full duplex communication and playback processing.

At the center of these innovations are the DSP Concepts’ smart audio and voice solutions that include far-field voice UI for smart assistants, TVs, soundbars, and set-top-boxes. These solutions are also optimized for voice communication and improved home and office video conferencing, all in a flexible design with adaptive interference canceller, supporting 2-mic, 4-mic, 6-mic, and custom configurations with Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) for up to 7 channels.

For more information and to start building on Audio Weaver today, visit: www.dspconcepts.com.

To learn more about the Cadence Tensilica HiFi 5 DSP, visit https://ip.cadence.com/ipportfolio/tensilica-ip/audio.

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