Keynotes Announced for AI Day Virtual Conference

July 24, 2023

Press Release

Keynotes Announced for AI Day Virtual Conference

Experts from Roku and Renesas to deliver Keynotes Addresses aimed at designing next-gen AI/ML devices.

Scottsdale, AZ (July 13, 2022) — Embedded Computing Design is thrilled to announce its two Keynote Addresses for the upcoming AI Day Virtual Conference. Held on September 21, 2023, the event looks at the various design aspects required when integrating AI and machine learning into a connected device.

The first Keynote, Keep Your Wake Words at the Edge, will be delivered by Frank Maker, the Director of Software Engineering for Roku. The second Address, Unlocking the Potential of AI in Industrial Applications, will be delivered by Mohammed Dogar, VP, Global Business Development and Ecosystem at Renesas Electronics.

“The two Keynote Addresses at the AI Day Virtual Conference complement each other perfectly,” says Rich Nass, Executive Vice President of Embedded Computing Design. “One comes from the end-device perspective while the second is delivered by the component supplier, who must adapt to the engineers’ concerns with leading-edge products.”

Maker will offer a comprehensive examination of wake word technology at the Edge. He will delve into the intricacies of current designs and the challenges associated with wake word implementations on contemporary devices. He will also share insights into the future of EdgeML, looking at the near and long-term futures of EdgeML.

The potential of IoT and the benefits that can be derived from it are well known. Now imagine the potential that can be unlocked by enabling billions of IoT devices that can think and take actions, thanks to AI. Renesas’ Dogar will explain how the latest technologies can be harnessed to handle anything from a simple operation to something that requires complex calculations, all at the Edge of the IoT.

For more information, contact Patrick Hopper.

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