Everactive Targets Large-Scale Steam Trap Predictive Maintenance with New Generation of Batteryless Wireless IoT System

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 05, 2021


Everactive Targets Large-Scale Steam Trap Predictive Maintenance with New Generation of Batteryless Wireless IoT System

Everactive announced a new generation of its Steam Trap Monitoring (STM) system designed to deliver predictive maintenance for large-scale steam system applications.

Everactive’s STM is a batteryless IoT system for steam traps that involves batteryless Eversensors connecting to a wireless IoT gateway using the Evernet 2.0 wireless network.  With core advances in ultra-low-power electronics, system-level design, and wireless networking, Everactive makes it possible to continuously and indefinitely power Eversensors from harvested energy, thereby removing the need for batteries. Doing so enables Everactive customers to cost-effectively monitor industrial assets at scale.

Everactive’s new generation—based on its latest production chip technology—delivers wireless non-line-of-sight communication up to 250 meters (820 feet), or almost three football fields. This means coverage of a larger percentage of steam traps with far fewer gateways required throughout a facility. Everactive has increased the capacity of its IoT gateways to 1,000 Eversensors.

In addition to a lighter footprint, the next-generation architecture is also designed to speed up the installation process with a more integrated and sleeker mechanical design, as well as provisioning with an auto-pairing feature and QR code provisioning. Per the company, taken together, a single STM Eversensor can be installed on a steam trap and setup in the cloud in less than five minutes.

Everactive’s new generation STM solution targets the steam traps used throughout critical process manufacturing, oil and gas, and district energy heating applications. With real-time insights across an entire steam system, operations and maintenance personnel can address failures as they occur and bank energy and CO2 savings.  

Everactive estimates that on an annual basis, worldwide real-time steam trap monitoring can save up to hundreds of millions of dollars in energy costs and reduce carbon emissions by well over 280 million tons—the equivalent of removing more than 60 million passenger cars from the road. 

Since the launch of the original STM product, Everactive has seen a demand for the product with several thousand STM Eversensors spread across dozens of customer sites. The company’s customers include a list of companies, including Colgate-Palmolive, Hershey’s, Merck, Mars, Morgan Stanley, National Institutes of Health, and the United States Air Force. 

For more information, visit: everactive.com

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