embedded world 2024 Best in Show Nominees: MEMS & Sensors

April 01, 2024


embedded world 2024 Best in Show Nominees: MEMS & Sensors

The Embedded Computing Design editorial staff is pleased to present this year’s embedded world Best-in-Show nominees in the MEMS & Sensors category:

SI Time - SiTime Epoch Platform

SiTime’s Epoch Platform is a MEMS-based, oven-controlled oscillator (OCXO) that delivers an ultra-stable clock to datacenter and network infrastructure equipment. Breaking through the limitations of quartz OCXOs, the ultra-resilient Epoch OCXOs deliver 2x longer holdover under environmental stressors, enabling telecom and cloud service providers to ensure service continuity. Epoch OCXOs enable 12 hours of holdover, support any frequency between 10-220 MHz, and are programmable to six decimal places of accuracy. These ultra-low-power OCXOs consume just 420 mW, 3x less than quartz devices. Epoch’s small size (9mm x 7mm x 3.73mm) occupies 25x less volume than quartz counterparts, enabling greater design flexibility.

For decades, developers have lived with the shortcomings of quartz-based timing technology, compromising on real-world performance, reliability and power, because there were no viable alternatives. SiTime’s MEMS-based Epoch Platform changes the game, delivering up to 2x better performance, 25x smaller size and 3x lower power in datacenter switches and routers, 5G base stations and core infrastructure. These benefits stem from a half-decade of SiTime’s engineering investment and systems-based development combining innovations in MEMS, analog, packaging, combining innovations in MEMS, analog, packaging, and algorithms. With its exceptional stability, longer holdover, higher reliability, lower power, and smaller size, Epoch OCXOs are transforming precision timing for today’s intelligent, connected electronics.

For more information, visit: https://www.sitime.com/epoch