New Power Modules from GRAS

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 28, 2021


New Power Modules from GRAS

12BA and 12BB Microphone Power Modules

GRAS Sound and Vibration introduced two new products: GRAS 12BA and 12BB Microphone Power Modules designed for engineers who need to power CCP measurement microphones and need ideal integration of microphone sensitivity data via TEDS.

According to the company, the single-channel (12BA) and four-channel (12BB) USB-powered modules provide integrated TEDS support and are competitively priced for production test applications, saving time during setup and configuration.

The 12BA and 12BB power modules can be used with any audio analyzer, with TEDS data accessed in two ways. When paired with Audio Precision’s APx audio analyzers, TEDS can be read directly via the APx500 software. For use with other analyzers, TEDS data is available through the Mic Power Module App, a command-line interface for TEDS data output. The software and app ensure the accessibility of TEDS data.

Read more about the 12BA and 12BB power modules. See the entire range of power modules from GRAS here. The 12BA and 12BB modules are suitable power supplies for the wide range of GRAS CCP-powered microphones, such as the GRAS 146AE ½” CCP Free-field Microphone Set or the GRAS 46BL ¼” CCP Pressure Standard Microphone Set, High Sensitivity.

For more information on APx500 Series Audio Analyzers, click here.

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