CML Microcircuits Launches Low-Power, Cascadable Gain Blocks

By Taryn Engmark

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 12, 2022


CML Microcircuits Launches Low-Power, Cascadable Gain Blocks

CML Microcircuits recently released the CMX90G301 and CMX90G302 Positive Gain Slope Amplifiers, general purpose gain blocks based on the company's SµRF RFIC/MMIC design capability that are designed for wireless applications — like 4G/5G infrastructures and devices that operate in license-free bands — that operate in the 1.4—7.1 GHz frequency range.

Both devices use GaAs pHEMT technology to achieve a combination of low noise, low DC power, and high gain. The CMX90G301 has +1dB positive gain slope, while the CMX90G302 accommodates applications needing more gain-slope compensation with its +2dB gain slope. The devices also carry a small signal gain of 14.8 – 16.0dB, a P1dB output rating of +11.5dBm at 3.5 GHz, and a low noise figure of 2dB.

The CMX90G301 and CMX90G302 gain blocks are designed with a high level integration, in order to support smaller PCB footprints and minimized component counts. The devices' plug-in, cascadable nature removes the requirement for passive equalisation circuits within the system design; an on-board active bias circuit enables them to operate over a supply voltage range of 2.7 to 5V, with a typical current of 22 mA. Additionally, the RF ports of each device are matched to 50 Ω to support rapid product development cycles.

For more information, visit CML Microcircuits.