Infineon Enables Highly Integrated USB Type-C Charger Unification

By Taryn Engmark

Assistant Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 26, 2021


Infineon Enables Highly Integrated USB Type-C Charger Unification

Using energy responsibly is the essential factor for innovations in the field of energy efficiency towards a greener planet. Infineon Technologies AG is continuously investing and innovating in futureproof semiconductor technologies and solutions, enabling environmentally friendly applications as well as performance and ease of design.

The EZ-PD™ BCR (Barrel Connector Replacement) is an integrated USB-C controller; together with the USB-C connector, it replaces barrel connectors, custom connectors, or legacy USB connectors in electronic devices. The EZ-PD BCR solution supports the USB Power Delivery (PD) standard that interoperates with all USB-C power adapters without the need of firmware development.

The recently published Revised Radio Equipment Directive from the European Commission proposes to standardize charging ports for most electronic devices with an aim to reduce e-waste from retied, incompatible chargers. The proposal calls for USB-C as the common charging port and it allows consumers to charge their devices with the same USB-C charger, regardless of the device brand. A common charging standard harmonizes fast charging technology and prevents product producers limiting the charging speed when using a charger from a different brand.

The common charger proposal also unbundles the sale of a charger from the sale of the electronic device such that consumers will be able to purchase a new electronic device without a new charger, limiting the number of unwanted chargers purchased or left unused, and ultimately reducing e-waste.

EZ-PD BCR minimizes BOM (bill of material) cost for the USB-C power-sink system and it guarantees USB-C specification compliance and interoperability through USB-IF certification.

In the charger, the latest CoolGaN™ Integrated Power Stage (IPS) 600 V leverages reliable GaN and driver technologies, uniting efficiency and reliability with ease-of-use. GaN technology allows for higher switching frequency and more output power in the same size or smaller charger with the same power level. An integration results in very high power density. CoolGaN has an advanced breakdown field of ten times and an electron mobility of two times higher compared to silicon devices. The key for the high frequency operation capability of CoolGaN lies in a ten times lower output and gate charge, compared to silicon-based devices and a reverse recovery charge of virtually zero.

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