Read PractiTest's 10th Annual State of Testing Report

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 24, 2023


Rehovot, Israel. PractiTest has finished compiling data for its 10th annual State of Testing report focusing on DevOps, Automation, and an analysis on error prevention within software architecture. In 2013 PractiTest had no mention of DevOps in its report. Now, 84% of companies are using DevOps to improve communication between software developers and deployment teams.

“Ten years ago, the vast majority of testing was done by dedicated software testers, many of whom were on large software testing teams. They worked in agile and waterfall development models, supporting their developers by conducting session-based testing.”  said Yaniv Iny, CEO at PractiTest.

The utilization of testers is continuing to rise with 70% involved in the CI/CD process and 19% of manufacturers have devoted testers for all testing applications.

Automation Usage:

  • Functional testing (77%)
  • Unit testing (57%)
  • CI/CD testing (54%)
  • Only 7% are void of any automation process

Iny continues, “This year’s report shows how quality assurance has moved from being a task conducted by the testing team to an integral piece of the development process, that is done by everyone within the development process.”

The following was based on user experiences:

  • 62% felt more organized and stable within their team
  • 57% witnessed improvement with overall level of testing
  • 54% saw fewer serious bugs escaping into production
  • 70% noted that collaboration with developers improved

Download the report from PractiTest at

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