Signal Hound Hunts the Edge with its Spectrum Analyzer

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

November 16, 2023


Image Credit: Signal Hound

Battle Ground, Washington. Signal Hound has released the portable SP145 spectrum analyzer with 200 GHz/sec sweep speed, 40 MHz streaming bandwidth, and –160 dBm displayed noise average. Included is an integrated GPS for edge environments with power via a USB-C for RF data acquisition.

“The initial response to the SP145 at IMS this year was exciting for us at Signal Hound as well as for our customers who have long requested a spectrum analyzer with its capabilities,” said Harrison Osbourn, Signal Hound CEO. “The SP145 excels at drive test, vector signal analysis, RF survey, and even airborne measurement functionality. It fits perfectly in the toolkit of commercial wireless technicians and operators.”

Also included is Programmable API/SCIPI Automation and Real-Time Analysis.

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