The Road to embedded world ’23: Shanghai, China, Uni-Trend Technology

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 08, 2023


Uni-Trend will be located at booth 503 in hall 4 during embedded world 2023 where it will have experts showcasing solutions such as Digital Oscilloscopes, Handheld Oscilloscopes, Waveform Generators, Multimeters, DC Power Supplies, AC Power Sources, DC Electronic Loads, Power Meters, LCR Meters, Micro Ohm Meter, Battery Testers, Multi-channel Temperature Loggers, Hipot Tester. 

For more information on the following, and more, visit Uni-Trend at embedded world 2023, or

UNI-T Digital Oscilloscopes

Whether you are a hobbyist, an educator, a developer, or are debugging, performing compliance tests, you need proven measurement technology to be successful. From basic measurements to deep-analysis, UNI-T digital oscilloscopes are built on the same, proven UNI-T technology with product range from MSO oscilloscopes to portable form. You are sure to find the right oscilloscope with an unprecedented price.

UNI-T Waveform Generators

UNI-T waveform generators adopt Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) technology to generate high frequency signals such as sine waves, square waves, harmonic waves, arbitrary waves, noise etc. Our signal generators also provide analog and digital modulation functions. All models have arbitrary waveform generator with editable software to generate complex waveform. UNI-T has a range of solutions from 5M to 600M to meet your performance needs, including UTG900E series mini generators for hobbyist and UTG9000T high-performance series. With industry leading pricing the UNI-T portfolio of waveform generators provides unparalleled customer value.

UNI-T Bench Multimeters

UNI-T multimeter has been selling well for more than 30 years and has become a leading brand globally hand-held multimeter. Multimeter is a must-have tool for many engineering benches, UNI-T bench type DMM continues to create long-term value for customers, whether you are engaged in maintenance services or design, UNI-T guarantee you to find a right one for the extra edge to come out with products or services that is better than your competitors.

UNI-T DC Power Supplies

DC power supplies are commonly used in electronics design, battery charging, electrical vehicle, research labs and education sectors. UNI-T offers both programmable and non-programmable power supplies with features such as low ripple and noise, constant voltage/current, overload protection, and more.

UNI-T Spectrum Analyzers

The UTS3000B Series spectrum analyzer includes UTS3036B and UTS3021B models, with frequency bands ranging from 9kHz to 3.6GHz and 9kHz to 2.1GHz respectively. Optional tracking source. It is a spectrum analyzer with wide frequency band coverage and superior performance. The series adopts mature all digital if technology, and the resolution bandwidth can reach 1Hz to 3MHz. It provides a variety of analysis functions and can provide 40001 scanning points to provide better help for your analysis work. This series of spectrum adopts an 10.1 inch large touch screen, which will bring you a better use experience. Compact design, multi-port, support general protocol, and provide convenience for automation and remote control.

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