Percepio Introduces DevAlert Sandbox

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 09, 2022


Percepio Introduces DevAlert Sandbox

Percepio released DevAlert Sandbox, a ready-to-run online platform for Percepio DevAlert, the company’s monitoring framework for remote anomaly detection and debugging of RTOS software.

Percepio DevAlert is a cloud-connected monitoring framework for anomaly detection and remote debugging of RTOS-based embedded software, during development and in deployment at scale. DevAlert enables a diagnostic feedback loop from deployed devices back to OEMs and operators, and provides immediate and full insight into anomalies in the device software via software tracing and the integrated Tracealyzer tool. This way, OEMs can provide rapid solutions to safeguard their devices and related business, and reduce debugging and customer support costs.

DevAlert is designed to fit in small microcontroller-based devices and scales to large device fleets without causing alert fatigue.

DevAlert Sandbox lets users experience a full DevAlert setup directly in their web browser using a simulated device, and without having to write any code. A ready-to-run application example is included with source code and development tools, allowing developers to explore and experiment with use-cases of software anomaly monitoring, and expand the solutions to their own projects. 

The example application provided by DevAlert Sandbox is an elevator control system running on a virtual Arm microcontroller, powered by the xPack QEMU Arm simulator and monitored using Percepio DevAlert. A graphical simulator interface allows for triggering anomalies in the elevator controller, which are detected and reported using Percepio DevAlert together with software traces that explain the reported anomalies.

DevAlert and DevAlert Sandbox are available free of charge for an evaluation period.

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