Embedded Toolbox: Connecting IoT Devices with 1NCE OS

April 17, 2023



With the prevalence of IoT devices on a continuous rise for the last decade, connectivity is one of the most valuable commodities out there. Depending on circumstances, it can also present a sizable barrier to entry when it comes to cost and establishing interoperability between hardware, firmware, the cloud, and the network itself.

Fortunately, 1NCE has made it connectivity accessibility its mission. Firm believers that establishing network connection for IoT devices should be as simple as accessing electricity, 1NCE has developed a mind-bendingly cost-effective (and open source!) platform based off its 1NCE OS that can help you connect your IoT devices to a network or cloud in just minutes.

In this episode of Embedded Toolbox, Fabian Kochem, head of global strategy at 1NCE, walks through the platform to demonstrate just how easy it can be to get a device not just connected to the cloud, but also transmitting messages — even if the device and cloud don’t communicate with the same protocol.