Imsys launches multipurpose display module and IoT development platform

April 19, 2018


Imsys launches multipurpose display module and IoT development platform

Imsys, the Stockholm-based developer of pioneering networked control solutions, is expanding its portfolio with EMBLA - a multipurpose, touchscreen-display module and development platform for...


EMBLA is optimized for development with machine-independent Java code or C and comes complete with either a 4.3 or 7-inch color touchscreen. Designed with flexibility in mind, it features a modular build-up with standard as well as customizable I/O-boards to enable adaption to various requirements. The use of Imsys’ proprietary processor platform further provides a migration path down to IP for high volume applications.


Total Flexibility, Total Freedom

Imsys EMBLA is suitable for a wide range of industrial uses and offers particular benefits in battery-powered IoT applications. For development simplicity, the EMBLA module comes with a production-ready reference design that can easily be tailored to meet specific needs.

“EMBLA enables full freedom for graphics and imaging, with capabilities for scrolling, zooming, as well as playing video clips,” says Jan-Erik Lennefalk, CEO at Imsys. “We believe users will be astounded that the EMBLA module can generate such high-quality graphics and audio, while running applications programmed in Java or C.”


Leaner is Meaner in The Internet of Things

“As Imsys’ latest product, EMBLA is fully in line with our commitment to developing what we call lean solutions,” notes Lennefalk. “This means technology that maximizes efficiency, thanks to optimal hardware utilization, while simultaneously ensuring high application flexibility.”

These qualities are particularly important in the Internet of Things, where the need for energy efficiency is a major challenge. Today’s modern multi-core processors offer impressive computing power, but are typically too expensive and demand too much energy to be practical in most IoT applications. While other solutions exist for achieving cost-efficient flexibility or high efficiency with minimal hardware, Imsys lean technology is unique in the ability to offer both.

“Our lean philosophy is all about creating affordable solutions for customers that provide value-adding, high performance in their target applications,” Lennefalk explains. “Ultimately, our aim is to help them gain the competitive advantage in their market thanks to the right technology. That’s why we say that leaner is meaner!”


Designed for Smooth Development

Preliminary development with EMBLA has already demonstrated the scope of possibilities that the technology offers. One of the first products to incorporate the module as a control platform is a new semiconductor tester from Nordic Electronic Partner (NEP), a business focused on producing cost-efficient and robust electronics that support environmental friendliness.

“The performance of this module is very impressive, and the development of the component testing system has been an overall great experience,” says Per Hultin, Project Manager at NEP. “Along the way, we also benefited from the close support of Imsys, who provided us with all the tools and resources that we needed to meet our development timeline.”

EMBLA will be on display with other Imsys products in booth C03:01 at the Scandinavian Electronics Event (S.E.E.) at the Kistamässan venue outside of Stockholm, April 24-26, 2018. To learn more about Imsys lean technology, visit