Infineon’s AIROC™ Cloud Connectivity Manager Supports the AWS IoT ExpressLink

By Taryn Engmark

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

December 01, 2021


Infineon’s AIROC™ Cloud Connectivity Manager Supports the AWS IoT ExpressLink

Infineon Technologies AG announced the AIROC™ IFW56810 Cloud Connectivity Manager (CCM), a solution that supports the AWS IoT ExpressLink standards and specifications. This combined offering enables increased efficiency for companies and end customers to connect products such as industrial sensors, home appliances, irrigation systems, and medical devices to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

It enables developers who are implementing first-time Internet of Things (IoT) applications to offload the complex, undifferentiated work required to securely connect devices to AWS. This allows developers to focus on their core competencies of building new products while reducing design efforts and accelerating time-to-market. The CCM solution is pre-certified with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

“Traditionally, connecting devices to the cloud has been a difficult and time-consuming process that requires developers to possess a wide range of technical competencies in Wi-Fi, embedded systems, antenna design and cloud configuration along while creating complex code,” said Rob Conant, Vice President of Software and Ecosystem at Infineon. “With this new plug-and-play solution, engineers can easily, quickly and securely connect devices at scale to AWS.”

Key benefits of the AIROC Cloud Connectivity Manager:

  • Allows developers to use simple configuration commands such as “connect” and “send” to establish a connection and start streaming data to AWS within hours, not weeks
  • Enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to easily transform products into IoT devices without merging large amounts of code or having a deep understanding of the implementation
  • Offers the flexibility to connect various devices to AWS, while preserving the original application software and avoiding costly redesign
  • Software upgradable via over-the-air (OTA) upgrades with the CCM solution along with support for host OTA upgrades to ensure security and future proofing
  • Maintains fleet security and health at scale by providing a solution that securely transmits data to and from the cloud via Wi-Fi
  • CCM includes support for the CIRRENT™ Cloud ID, which ensures that each device has a unique device identity and assignment to a product company stored in a secure hardware element to ensure a fail-proof mechanism.

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