Digi International's Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M Powered by Digi Axess

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 16, 2024


Digi International's Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M Powered by Digi Axess
Image Credit: Digi International

Minneapolis, Minnesota. Digi International released its latest addition to its remote monitoring and control portfolio, Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M powered by Digi Axess. The solution delivers reliable and seamless remote monitoring and management. Developers can utilize both edge and cloud-based control options with an intuitive interface simplifying data management and enhancing efficiency.


Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M supplies rugged remote monitoring in low/no power ecosystems through its dual-battery extended run time including adaptable I/O for remote sensor connections. According to the company, the Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M will be sold in accordance with Digi’s new “monitoring and control as-a-service” pricing model, in which additional service options are included with the cost of the product at the time of purchase.

“With the introduction of Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M with Digi Axess, we’re setting a new standard in remote monitoring by empowering real-time data processing,” said Brian Kirkendall, General Manager and Vice President of Infrastructure Management at Digi. “We designed XRT-M to work in a wide range of environments with the ability to connect to a wide variety of sensors and devices. With simple setup and broad compatibility, XRT-M with Digi Axess is the simple and powerful way to get value from remote devices quickly and cost effectively.”

Ideal Applications:

  • Critical infrastructure and civil engineering projects
  • Water/wastewater monitoring and remote management
  • Environmental monitoring 
  • Industrial automation and control

Key Features:

  • Extended battery life with lightweight cloud connection and dual 14.5 Ah batteries
  • Rated for industrial environments with wide temperature range, C1D2 certification with NEMA enclosure
  • Device health and sensor data stored in Digi Axess
  • Configurable read and report intervals
  • Connect to and power multiple sensors
  • Compatible with a wide range of industry-standard sensors
  • Modbus protocol support
  • Global cellular coverage

For more information, visit www.digi.com/connect-sensor-xrtm.

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