June 02, 2022


A PATH FORWARD FOR THE RESOURCE- CONSTRAINED EDGE   Part 1Most edge computing applications today implement a computing platform capable of gathering data, communicating it via a network to a datacenter, via the "cloud" for complex processing, and providing local interaction via a human-machine interface. Cloud connectivity is typically a weak spot; it requires a reliable network connection, suffers latency due to round-trip network transmission and remote processing, has bandwidth constraints, and may incur significant added costs for data transmission. These factors may make many applications infeasible, particularly those which require quick and deterministic results, or which require processing of very large amounts of data. In these use cases, a powerful local processor, often with artificial intelligence or image processing accelerators, with vast local interfacing capability to sensors and control mechanisms is required. PICMG's new COM-HPC®️ specification, along with Intel's latest Core and Xeon processors, enables this new set of products in a modular approach that minimizes hardware design effort and therefore development and time-to-market. This white paper introduces the COM-HPC®️ standard and describes how two SECO COM-HPC®️ modules utilize 11th Gen Intel®️ Core™️ and Xeon®️ processors to enable unprecedented levels of edge performance in a computer-on-module (COM) form-factor.

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