Advantech’s iBMC with WISE-DeviceON Reduces System Downtime for Edge Devices

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 07, 2021


Photo Courtesy of Advantech

Advantech introduced its new out-of-band management solution, an intelligent board management controller known as an iBMC.

Advantech developed the iBMC to simplify the management of remote systems and edge devices. iBMCs are embedded hardware-based technology that allows managers to perform power management tasks remotely even in abnormal or out-of-range conditions. 

This is known as out-of-band power management. It provides a secondary communication channel for accessing and controlling equipment within an infrastructure network.

System interruptions or failures can cause lengthy downtime, leading to significant productivity loss. Simply restarting the device sometimes restores system functionality. However, for devices deployed in the field or at the edge, this can cause delays if technicians need to manually restart devices out on the edge. Advantech’s iBMC not only eliminates onsite maintenance, but also reduces system downtime and operational costs.

IoT infrastructure involves many devices deployed at numerous geographically dispersed sites. Advantech’s WISE-DeviceOn software platform is designed for remote management of multiple interconnected industrial IoT devices. 

With the integration of iBMC technology, the WISE-DeviceOn solution can serve as both an in-band and out-of-band management system enabling comprehensive access, configuration, monitoring, analysis, and control of all IoT network assets from a single centralized platform. This drastically simplifies the management of remote servers, systems, and peripherals for a wide range of industrial applications.

According to Advantech, the key benefits are:

•    Remote power management and control even during software or OS failures
•    Out-of-band management function configurable in the BIOS
•    Supports a wide range of Advantech’s entry-level and high-end IPCs
•    Integrated with Advantech’s WISE-DeviceOn platform as a powerful remote device management tool

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