High Performance Edge Computing - The Frontier for Supercomputing and Acceleration

June 12, 2020


High Performance Edge Computing - The Frontier for Supercomputing and Acceleration

By condensing HPC performance into rugged and compact systems, Eurotech brings edge computing to a whole new level: learn more about High Performance Edge Computers work in this white paper by VDC...

High Performance Edge Computing (HPEC) means bringing high-performance computing capabilities - typically found in data center infrastructures - into hardware systems deployable at the edge, where environmental conditions are typically harsh. This requires a rugged and compact design to ensure reliable and sustained operations in a wide range of temperatures and in difficult shock and vibration conditions.

Edge computing - and, when required, High Performance Edge Computing - is the new domain for innovation. Next-generation analytics powered by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and other high-performance workload processing require comprehensive intelligent edge frameworks and platforms. Furthermore, these platforms must have maintained pace with the convergence of embedded/OT and enterprise/IT domains through the past several years.

High Performance Embedded Computers feature distinct development requirements and challenges spanning hardware, software, connectivity, platform integrations, and security. Years ago, a few suppliers had the foresight and ambition to begin tackling High Performance Edge Computing and forming a partnership ecosystem including key software and technology providers. Those that did, however, are now reaping the fruits of their labor and have a dramatic head start over competitors scrambling to take a stake in a critical piece of the market for many different industries.

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