NEXTY Electronics (Toyota Tsusho Group) to Distribute Blaize AI Edge Computing Products in Japan

October 19, 2021

Press Release

NEXTY Electronics (Toyota Tsusho Group) to Distribute Blaize AI Edge Computing Products in Japan

Blaize®, the AI computing innovator revolutionizingautomotive and edge computing, and NEXTY Electronics Corp., a core member of the Toyota Tsusho Group, today announced NEXTY is now a Blaize distribution partner serving automotive and industrial markets for AI edge computing in Japan.

NEXTY Electronics is a world leader in car electronics, and successfully application of technology andinnovation advances in areas such as autonomous driving to other markets, such as IoT, manufacturingand industrial equipment. As such, NEXTY is an ideal distribution partner for Blaize AI hardware andsoftware products serving customers who are adopting AI to process the growing volume of edge data,provide more insight, develop new AI models and deploy new edge systems.

“We are pleased to leverage our partnership with Blaize to provide cutting-edge solutions to a wide range of Nexty Electlonics’ customers.” said Kiyotaka Nakao, Managing Director of Nexty Electlonics. “Edge AI computing technology is evolving rapidly and is sure to become more and more important to the semiconductor industry's business. We hope that combining Nexty Electronics' abundant knowledge of semiconductor peripheral technology with Blaize products and will open up many businessopportunities.” 

“We are excited to work with NEXTY realizing benefits from their strength in delivering systems thatenable customers to innovate with AI,” said Richard Terrill, VP Strategic Business Development, Blaize. “Their focus on innovation and anticipating customer needs across multiple industries is well aligned with the requirements to drive adoption of edge AI applications enabled by Blaize low power, low latency and compute efficient AI inference accelerator offering.” 

With multiple feature advancements over legacy GPU and CPU solutions, the Blaize Pathfinder SOM and Xplorer AI accelerators coupled with the Blaize AI Studio and Blaize Picasso SDK enable a new era of more practical and commercially viable edge AI products across a wide range of edge use cases and industries. The industrial-grade Pathfinder P1600 SOM is suitable for development and field trials, with a rich roadmap of automotive products coming online to serve model years 2023 and beyond. Blaize tightly coupled software and hardware delivers an end-to-end efficient and usable AI edge workflow, and solutions that fit into real-life budgets of power, cost, size and complexity.