Embedded Toolbox: Scale Smart Sensors Everywhere with PICMG IoT.1

February 15, 2022


At a basic level, smart sensors are what they sound like. Data acquisition endpoints that integrate some amount of logic for identifying, filtering, and transmitting points of interest from captured data on to other systems.

Of course, it’s more than that, especially if you’re an enterprise professional who needs to capture and analyze operational data in business intelligence efforts. Smart sensors use sophisticated firmware that’s usually written by embedded engineers with years of experience, and that firmware must be validated and tested to ensure production sensors operate reliably and as expected.

For non-engineers, this is enough to stop a smart sensor initiative before it starts. But for Industry 4.0 to deliver on its value proposition, technologists of all skill levels must be able to develop, deploy, and manage smart sensors with ease. 

PICMG’s IoT.1 firmware specification was designed with that in mind, and offers a simple, no-code path to creating smart sensors that makes this process easier than ever before – for both the non-technical and sensor manufacturers looking to scale.

To understand how PICMG IoT.1 makes this possible, tune into this episode of Embedded Toolbox with Doug Sandy, CTO of PICMG.