featured in the unu Scooter, Tailos Robot Cleaner and on Development Boards Throughout Embedded World

June 16, 2022

Press Release featured in the unu Scooter, Tailos Robot Cleaner and on Development Boards Throughout Embedded World, the leader in cloud native development and deployment solutions for secure IoT and Edge devices, announced it will be featured in a variety of live demonstrations throughout the Embedded World event.

The company will showcase its use in a fleet of IoT devices - including the German-designed unu Scooter and the Tailos Robot Cleaner - in its own booth EW, 4-139. Foundries.iotechnical experts will also be leading sessions and panels detailing cloud native solutions for embedded development and the reinvention of IoT.  

The parallel rise of cloud native computing and the explosion of IoT devices and Edge technologies is creating the perfect storm for innovative disruption in embedded development. As the only company bringing continuous delivery and other DevSecOps practices to embedded, is driving this transformation and will be on display throughout the Embedded World event. is Europe’s leading embedded Linux company bringing the right product to OEMs at the right time. 

Exclusive Media Booth Crawl

Reporters are invited to join co-founders CEO George Grey and Chairman Ian Drew for an exclusive booth crawl to see firsthand and get insights about how FoundriesFactory® is being used by its partners to simplify and reduce the cost of developing, deploying and maintaining secure IoT and Edge devices. The founders will also be briefing press about a Fortune Global 500 customer who is shipping products built with FoundriesFactory and who has several other products in development using FoundriesFactory at different locations worldwide.

The crawl will begin at 9 am local time on Wednesday June 22, 2022 at the booth EW, 4-139 and will include stops at the ADLINK, WINSYSTEMS, Arm and ST Micro booths. 

“This year’s Embedded World marks an inflection point for embedded development of IoT and Edge devices,” said George Grey, CEO at “FoundriesFactory is being adopted by global device manufacturers and supply chain partners, and is leading the integration of cloud native development practices into embedded development to accelerate product development, increase security, and dramatically reduce lifetime software costs. This signals a new era for embedded software.” 

unu Scooter and Tailos Robot Cleaner on show at Booth EW, 4-139

Designed in Germany, the unu Scooter is a road-going, two-passenger, battery powered e-scooter. FoundriesFactory is used to deploy a secure, customizable Linux-based software platform with fleet management services in the scooters, giving unu the ability to securely update, manage and maintain their scooters with new functionalities via over-the-air (OTA) updates. changes the game for us,” said Pascal Blum, Co-Founder and CEO of unu. “By using FoundriesFactory to test and deploy our scooters, we know we’ll be able to automatically deliver new functionality and safety to our customers in real-time over the entire product lifecycle.” 

The Tailos (pka Maidbot) Robot Cleaner revolutionizes the commercial cleaning industry by leaving dull, dirty and dangerous tasks to autonomous solutions, allowing humans to focus on more meaningful and enjoyable work. Tailos is using FoundriesFactory to deploy a secure, customizable Linux-based software platform with fleet management services in its robot cleaners, giving the company fine control over the lifecycle of OTA updates updates and the ability to optimize build to deployment pipelines with integrated CI/CD for both the software platform (Linux microPlatform) and its own applications. is an integral part of our product and really represents the enabler for IoT and Edge innovation,” said Micah Greene, CEO, Tailos. will also be demonstrating management of a fleet of IoT devices in its Booth EW, 4-139, consisting of a variety of System on Module (SoM) and development boards that include several Arduino Pro Portenta X8 SoMs, a WINSYSTEMS C444 single board computer (SBC), an  Intel NUC (Next Unit of Computing) and a Xilinx Kria development board. 

Partners FeaturingFoundries Factory Demonstrations

  • ADLINK, Booth 5-235

Demonstrating FoundriesFactory running on the i-Pi Smarc development kit

  • Arm, Booth 4-140

Demonstrating several Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) boards that are System Ready certified and Cassini compliant, all enabled with FoundriesFactory

  • STMicroelectronics, Booth 4A-148

Demonstrating FoundriesFactory running on the STM32 platforms

  • Texas Instruments, Booth 3A-215

Offering FoundriesFactory running on the Am62xx development kit

  • WINSYSTEMS, Booth 2-350

Demonstrating FoundriesFactory running on the ITX-P-C444 single board computer (SBC)

Join Experts to Learn About Advancements in Cloud Native Embedded Development

  • Migrating to Cloud Native Solutions for Embedded Software Development & Deployment

Speaker: George Grey, CEO,

Tuesday, June 21, 2022, 16:00 -16:30 CEST

Track 1.3: IoT Edge Computing 2

  • Panel, Hosted by Embedded Computing Design: How Arduino,, Arm & NXP Are simplifying embedded Linux development

Wednesday, June 22, 2022, 16:00 - 17:00 CEST in the exhibit hall, stand 1-121 


Tyler Baker , CTO,

Justin Mortimer, marketing director, edge processing, NXP

John Thompson, director of software product management, Arm 

Dario Pennisi, head of hardware development, Arduino

  • Challenges and Solutions When Using Containers in Embedded Systems 

Thursday, June 23 2022, 11:30 - 12:00 CEST

Track 3.4: Embedded OS and Containers

Speaker: Raul Muñoz, community software engineer,

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