Mocana's TrustCenter Ups Security in IoT and Industrial Applications

April 16, 2018


Mocana's TrustCenter Ups Security in IoT and Industrial Applications

Even mission-critical apps, like aerospace and healthcare can benefit fro the technology, which is integrated in the latest Intel security platform.

Security is one of the more complicated topics that we cover. It means different things to different people, mostly depending on the part of the embedded system chain that you’re responsible for. Mocana, one of the leaders in the security space, is looking at solutions for the IoT, particularly those in the industrial sector. The company recently launched its TrustCenter, which is a platform of services that helps manage security across a spectrum of IoT devices.

According to the company, TrustCenter ensures supply chain integrity, offering full management of cybersecurity across the entire IoT device security lifecycle. This includes embedded systems and software development, manufacturing, device enrollment, and secure firmware updates. The platform is designed as a compliment to Mocana’s existing TrustPoint security platform, which is aimed at edge devices.

The TrustCenter platform can be deployed on bare metal, or private or public cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and ensures the trustworthiness of both the device and the data from end-to-end. It automates secure device onboarding, enrollment, and over-the-air (OTA) updates for IoT and industrial systems. Mission-critical systems, such as aerospace, defense, industrial manufacturing, transportation, medical, and automotive, are targets as well.

Note that the TrustCenter has been integrated with Intel’s Secure Device Onboard service to reduce the time needed to automate provisioning of secure credentials onto devices based on Intel Enhanced Privacy ID, that’s built into the silicon.