How 24GHz RADAR Sensors Are Transforming the Future of Smart Homes

May 20, 2021


How 24GHz RADAR Sensors Are Transforming the Future of Smart Homes

According to recent market data, there are billions of IoT smart devices currently in use throughout the world and smart sensors play a big role in making that possible.

24GHz RADAR Sensors now can be found in a wide range of connected IoT consumer devices such as smart security cameras, air quality monitors, video doorbells, smart lighting, video conference systems, dashcams, and a vast array of modern appliances and home electronics.

Unlike traditional sensing technologies, RADAR technology offers many specific benefits for locating objects, sounds, and delivering data rapidly for processing.

One example - video doorbells. More homeowners and renters these days are concerned about home security and safety, and RADAR sensing technology offers many advantages. For instance, these sensors enable users the ability to set up a physical threshold to monitor an object or a person entering and exiting a significant area of space in front of the house. This kind of application is served by the 24GHz RF CMOS sensor from Socionext, a low power, all-in-one device that provides a range of up to 30 feet or more with 120-degrees FOV.

The smart sensor can measure an object’s detailed distance and is able to identify and track the object’s movement in real time. When an object crosses the distance threshold, the connected device takes the information from the RADAR and triggers an automated alert to the homeowner, while signaling the built-in camera to initiate video recording. This sequence of events is prompted by the RADAR sensing capabilities along with features like image recognition and data analysis.


There are many objectives that can be realized in smart home applications by applying RADAR sensing technology in combination with software algorithms and AI to deliver significant control and feature-rich functionalities.

The SC123x Series from Socionext Fits These Applications

Socionext offers a portfolio of 24 GHz radar sensors that detect motion, direction of motion, speed, angle, and position of a target.

Measuring at a compact 9 x 9 x 1mm, Socionext’s SC123x series all-in-one 24GHz radio-controlled FMCW (frequency-modulated continuous-wave) radar sensors feature wide detection areas. They are ideal for battery operation, with an ultra-low 0.5mW average power requirement for human detecting applications (0.1% duty cycle)

The highly integrated and ultra-low power 24GHz sensor perceives entry motion and adds distance detection without the need for an external backend processing. These features make it an optimal replacement for PIR sensors.

When paired with an MCU, the sensor can also perform 2D angle detection.


SC123x 24GHz RADAR Applications

Device makers can benefit from the use of smart RADAR sensors in their product design and development. Applications include, but not limited to the following:

24GHz Sensor Evaluation Board and Development Kit are available. Contact Socionext for more details.

Anthony Wong is a Sr. Director at Socionext America responsible for IoT and visual systems solutions. He is a veteran in the semiconductor industry and holds dual master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and Enterprise Management. 

Anthony has also completed an executive management program in Artificial Intelligence at MIT's Sloan School of Management.