TEAL's Aurora Brightens Up Remote Connectivity

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

December 28, 2023


Image Credit: TEAL

Seattle, Washington. TEAL released Aurora, its next-generation IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP). The solution monitors and manages IoT components and data network connections with easy one click installation of new networks. Other benefits include user friendly switching between existing networks, tracking data, and monitoring real-time device condition.

“Aurora delivers on what eSIM power-users have been asking for,” said TEAL CEO Robert Hamblet, “the launch gives businesses the tools to deploy devices across thousands of network apps. Aurora is the first single-pane-of-glass that can keep up with the sophistication of a true global eSIM deployment across multiple carrier infrastructures.”

TEAL focused its design of Aurora on eUICC technology giving developers additional insight into the eSIM abilities of their deployed devices with integrated eUICC health data and deeper SMSR data. Remote monitoring is enabled to utilize global networking for status of any TEAL eSIM.

The Aurora observes device health so in-field devices stay connected. Also provided is the knowledge of where data consumption is distributed and what carrier infrastructure was used.

Hamblet ends, “Aurora still provides an easy-to-use, simple experience for both large and small IoT enterprises. We believe this is an objective upgrade over other tools no matter if you are using five eSIMs in one country or 5 million across 80,” stated, Robert.

For more information, visit teal.io.

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