ETSI's ISG RIS Report Focuses on Future Wireless Systems

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 21, 2023


ETSI's ISG RIS Report Focuses on Future Wireless Systems
Image Credit: ETSI

Sophia Antipolis. Since the inception of ETSI’s Industry Specification Group on Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces group (ISG RIS) in 2021, it has promoted innovations including the discovery and narrative of real-life RIS-related environments. Recently, the group released the report, ETSI GR RIS-003, in which readers can learn differing communication models consisting of electromagnetic accuracy, path-loss and multipath propagation effects, and the effect of interference.

"RIS is an emerging topological solution being targeted at future wireless systems including 6G. Developing channel models and evaluation frameworks for RIS is instrumental in assessing this new technology, and identifying requirements for specifications. This Report takes an important step in this direction by summarizing ISG RIS views on frameworks for modelling and studying of RIS-integrated systems” said Arman Shojaeifard, Chair of ETSI ISG RIS.

The release ends noting a collective focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and how to assess the capabilities of RIS in wireless communications such as the cohabitation between different network operators and for likening transmission techniques, communication protocols, and network deployments.  

ETSI’s ISG RIS team provides an opening to explore design research into RIS technology across various shared projects to promote a standardization of RIS technology in the EU. Also in the report are requirements and difficulties in many application areas inclufing:

  • Fixed and mobile wireless access
  • Fronthaul and backhaul
  • Sensing and positioning
  • Energy and EMF exposure limits
  • Security and privacy            

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