Achieving Reliability to Match Capability

February 19, 2020


Achieving Reliability to Match Capability

Health Toolkit is a software package focused on monitoring the operational health of all components within an embedded system. It collects data on temperatures, voltages, storage capacity...

Each new defense platform asks more from embedded electronics. Designers respond with faster processors, more processors, more sensors, and faster interconnects. These leaps in embedded capability carry with them expanding complexity. Every new component is another potential point of failure. What does that do to mission reliability?

System engineers wrestle with the problem.

Some are building their own solutions, writing software to collect component information and then make sense of what is collected. Veteran engineers, who have been down the roll-your-own road before, know its pitfalls and would much prefer a standards-based, flexible, and rigorously tested solution focused on maintaining embedded system reliability.

Abaco recognized the need and went to work. The result was Abaco's Health Toolkit.

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