The Road to embedded world ’23: Sunnyvale, California, MIPS

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 09, 2023


MIPS will be bringing its RISC processor IP for high-end automotive, industrial computing, and communications applications while demonstrating products at embedded world 2023 (Hall 4 Booth 620).

One of the many highlights at the MIPS booth will be its eVocore P8700 multiprocessor IP core, which includes best-in-class performance efficiency for use in Software-on-a-Chip (SoC) applications, and is one of the first MIPS products based on the RISC-V open ISA. 

P8700 is the first RISC-V IP core that provides out-of-order (OOO) processing and coherent multi-threaded, multi-core, multi-cluster scalability – enabling semiconductor companies and OEMs to achieve a new level of RISC-V performance and to further accelerate innovation.

eVocore IP: A New level of scalability for high-performance heterogeneous compute

eVocore CPUs are the first MIPS products based on the RISC-V open instruction set architecture (ISA) standard. These multiprocessors have unique features and a high level of scalability that make them ideal for compute-intensive tasks across a broad range of markets and applications such as automotive (ADAS, AV, IVI), on-device machine learning, 5G and wireless networking, data center and storage, and high-performance embedded applications.

With eVocore IP cores, you get the scalability and configurability you need to meet your specific application requirements. You can combine clusters of multi-threaded, multi-core CPUs – both eVocore processors as well as other accelerators – in unique configurations to achieve the right balance of performance and power consumption. A Coherence Manager maintains L2 cache and system-level coherency between all cores, main memory, and I/O devices.

eVocore P8700: Superscalar Performance

This multiprocessing system combines a deep pipeline with multi-issue Out-of-Order (OoO) execution and multi-threading to deliver outstanding computational throughput. It has single-threaded performance greater than what is currently available in other RISC-V CPU IP offerings, and it can scale up to 64 clusters, 512 cores and 1,024 harts/threads.

With eVocore, you have a flexible foundation for heterogeneous compute.

eVocore I8500: Best-in-Class Performance Efficiency

The I8500 is an in-order multiprocessing system with best-in-class power efficiency for use in SoC applications. Each I8500 core combines multi-threading and an efficient triple-issue pipeline to deliver outstanding computational throughput. The solution can scale up to 64 clusters, 512 cores and 2,048 harts/threads.

Building on 35 Years of Innovation

The MIPS instruction set architecture (ISA) has powered billions of products for more than 35 years. Now, it is building on the innovation of the MIPS ISA for RISC-V designs. Because of the many similarities between the RISC-V ISA and previous generations of the MIPS ISA, it can bring decades of development experience to the new eVocore products.

And because the RISC-V ISA lets you add custom features in the form of user defined instructions (UDIs), you can take advantage of the proven and powerful features of MIPS in RISC-V designs – all fully compatible with off-the-shelf RISC-V development tools and software libraries.

New eVocore IP cores provide support for privileged hardware virtualization, user defined custom extensions, multi-threading, SIMD, hybrid debug, functional safety, and much more.

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